Aging Processes

There are three processes that cause us to age: glycation, inflamation and oxidation. It’s not just about wrinkles and hair loss, but it’s about degrading joints, organ function and disease. Glycation is a process in which sugar and protein molecutes … Continue reading

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Why do innocent young children die at the hands of a gunman? Why does a 2 year old have brain cancer or leukemia? Why war? Why suicide? We can ask a million whys and there is an answer and a solution. … Continue reading

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Brainpower Boosters

Make creative leaps, retain more of what you read and hear, see connections that are invisible to others… raise your I.Q.  It can be done at any age. I.Q. changes are linked to structural changes in the brain and the … Continue reading

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Happiness Factors

Five Mood Boosters 1. Smile – it releases serotonin into your brain. 2. Get more sunshine or take Vitamin D. 3. Exercise, yawn or stretch to get more oxygen in your body. 4. Get more negative ions – these are found … Continue reading

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Fat Off, Muscle On

For a faster fat off, muscle on body eat 5-6 times a day and add some protein each time. This will prevent muscle loss and accelerate the rate at which you burn calories. Leucine is a wonderful amino acid that … Continue reading

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Four Fat Burning Carbs

Beans, lentils and other legumes. They have high fiber and protein content. Examples are lentils, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, black beans, read beans, navy, lima, pinto and kidney beans. Quinoa – this is a gluten free grain. It’s the only grain … Continue reading

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Ten Benefits of Building Muscle

Building muscle is more important than we realize. Here are some benefits:

  1. Stokes your metabolism.
  2. Enhances your cardiovascular system.
  3. Releases more growth hormone(GH) into your system. This is the anti-aging hormone.
  4. Rejuvenates skin elasticity.
  5. Thickens hair and improves sheen.
  6. Fortifies your immune system.
  7. Enhances bone density.
  8. Improves balance.
  9. Lowers insulin resistance which fortifies against diabetes and other inflammatory illnesses.
  10. Moderate weights build and strengthen your joints.

The Old School New Body e-books teach the best way to do this. They also include nutritional help and guidance.

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