™ Remember the Food Pyramid ? Now it is  MyPlate. It is much easier to understand, but the problem is implementation. Fruits and vegetables take up half of the plate, with the vegetable portion being a little larger than the fruit portion. It really is the healthiest way to eat, but I could never find time to eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables. Prepackaged instant food is so easy to grab off the grocery store shelf, and there are at least ten fast food restaurants that are within a couple of miles from my home. That kind of eating leaves me tired, sick, cranky and even depressed.


  • Greater energy and productivity.
  • Better health.
  • Improved mood.
  • Versatile – can crack whole grains or make soup.
  • Recipes for everything from whole juice to breads or ice cream.

Throw carrots, tomatoes, celery, parsley, spinach, cucumbers, bell peppers…   into the container and push a button. Within minutes will have whole juice and your veggies are taken care of. In the morning, pour some frozen berries into your favorite juice, add a little protein powder and you will have a delicious, healthy smoothie.

Blendtec is very versatile. It will crack whole grains and blend them into a batter for pancakes. Their recipe book contains everything from breads, soups, jams, and sauces to ice cream. When I tasted Popeye’s Ice Cream I was sold. It only takes a few minutes to add the ingredients and push the ice cream button.  Click on their picture below to visit their website.


 For healthy and fun recipes:  Mom’s Daily Buzz

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