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We spend 60% of conversations talking about ourselves. Why? Because it feels good. Using fMRI brain scans researchers from Harvard University showed that discussing our opinions and personality traits activate areas of the brain’s mesolimbic dopamine system — which is associated with reward and motivation. Activation was greatest when people knew someone was listening to their disclosures, but it happened even when their self-confessions were private. While this may seem self-involved, there are benefits to it: sharing personal information can increase social bonds and enable teamwork — both of which can promote happiness and even physical health. Share this post with friends and share something about yourself in the comments!

Lumosity    Scientific American

Another brain boost is exercise. It oxygenates your blood and then the blood carries it to your brain. This is invigorating. Boost your metabolism in the morning with this low impact exercise that’s on the Dr. Oz website. It only takes 5 or 6 minutes.

Shaun T Hip Hop Aerobics

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