Relax and Sleep

Good sleep will help calm fear and anxiety, but anxiety can keep you from good sleep.  More about fear and anxiety later, but for now try this to relax into a better sleep.

1. Sit or lie comfortably. Focus on a spot on the wall or ceiling and slowly count to 20. Let your eyes close.
2. Take a deep breath. Imagine breathing in peace and calm. Feel your chest and belly rise. Breathe out slowly. Blow out the tension. Relax your chest and belly.  Repeat 3 times.
3. Close your eyes tightly and then relax the muscles in your eyelids. Continue to relax the muscles in your face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, torso, legs, feet, toes. Feel limp.
4. Imagine yourself going down an escalator, counting from 20 to 1. Now you’re very relaxed. Optional: If you’d like enjoy a mini-vacation in your favorite spot – the beach, mountains… use your imagination and visualise the details.  Feel the breeze, the ocean air, hear the seagulls and the waves… 
5. Now count to 10 as you go back up the escalator and then open your eyes.

Do this a couple of times a day to relax. Sleep should come easier.


About Tamara Lewis

I'm in my 65th year of discovering how to have a Vibrant Life - 37 of those years have been teaching elementary school children. I love to travel - I've been across mainland U.S., in Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Canada. R.V. camping is one of my favorite ways to travel. I also enjoy reading, writing and spending time with friends and family. I'm a small group leader for Bible Study Fellowship and enjoy attending Buena Park Christian Fellowship. Most of these posts are a result of a lot of reading, listening, thought and experience.
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