Enhanced Relationships Enhance Moods

How you get along with other people can either help or hurt your moods.

1. Look for how you can improve your relationships with others. Take responsibility to keep the relationship strong. Stop the blame.
2. Put your relationships on the top of your priority list. They need constant nurturing.
Give them time and attention. Know what you want in each relationship.
3. Build up the other person. Never belittle anyone.
4. Never judge a motivation or intention. Instead assume the best.
5. Don’t be stale and boring. Look for fresh, new and different ways to add life to your relationships.
6. Notice the good. We automatically see the bad.
7. Communicate clearly. Take time to listen and understand. Before you react, ask the other person what they mean. Ask why. After you understand, if you’re still upset, stop and cool off. Try to see it from their perspective. Ask to discuss it later so you can formulate a thoughtful response.
8. Maintain and protect trust. Keep confidences. Don’t be dishonest or manipulate to get your own way.
9. Deal with difficult issues. Resentment forms when issues are ignored. Be kind, but firm and stick up for what is right.
10. Be thankful. Express your gratitude often.

About Tamara Lewis

I'm in my 65th year of discovering how to have a Vibrant Life - 37 of those years have been teaching elementary school children. I love to travel - I've been across mainland U.S., in Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Canada. R.V. camping is one of my favorite ways to travel. I also enjoy reading, writing and spending time with friends and family. I'm a small group leader for Bible Study Fellowship and enjoy attending Buena Park Christian Fellowship. Most of these posts are a result of a lot of reading, listening, thought and experience.
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