Brain and Behavior

“Your brain is the hardware of your soul.” Daniel G. Amen in Change Your Brain Change Your Life. Through linking behavior with brain imaging, Dr. Amen has found which parts of the brain control which behaviors.

Below is a brief summary of the five parts of our brain and what it controls:

The deep limbic system controls bonding and moods. If this part of the brain does not function properly you will struggle with moodiness and negativity. To help to stabilize this part of the brain, spend more time with positive people.

The basal ganglia controls the body’s idling speed.  When the basal ganglia is overactive you may experience anxiety, panic, fearfulness and nervousness.  When it is not active enough you may struggle with concentration and fine motor control.

The prefrontal cortex helps you focus and make decisions and plans. It also helps with impulse control, with attention, organization and follow through.

Your “gear shifter” is the cingulate. It allows you to shift your attention from one thought to another or from one activity to another. When it is overactive certain behaviors or thoughts such as worries begin to loop. You may become rigid, inflexible or overfocused on a problem or activity.

Our temporal lobes help us with memory, language, facial recognition and temper control. People with problems in this area are subject to memory and learning problems as well as mood swings.

Each part of our brain is interconnected, and affects other parts of the brain.

Check back to for tips in overcoming problems in different areas of the brain and for maintaining a healthy brain.

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