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Universal Trios

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Just as the physical universe is dependent upon trios, a happy and fulfilling spiritual life is built on the trio of faith, hope and love. The physical universe that we know is made of  space, time and matter. Space is made of height, … Continue reading

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Another Choice

Tired, confused, forgetful, depressed, sick.  We hear about obesity, diabetes, heart problems and cancer. We rarely hear: healthy, sharp, energetic and vibrant.  Which do you choose? What makes the difference? The food that we eat is major. A healthy life is not about extreme … Continue reading

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The Choice

Eat, drink, rejoice, sing, given a new name, no more weeping, will enjoy the work of their hands, blessed by the Lord,  past troubles are forgotten, while they speak God answers and they live where even the lion and lamb … Continue reading

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Ten Tips to Healthy Weight Loss

  Set a time limit of 20 to 30 days for your diet and stick to it.  You can do anything for a short time period.  If you do cheat, forgive yourself and begin again. Add more fresh and frozen … Continue reading

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