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Homework Help

Do you have a problem helping your child with his or her homework?  This has become a problem worldwide.  Why?  Not only is knowledge increasing at a phenomenal rate, but people may be getting smarter.  According to a study done by James … Continue reading

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Stretch Your Life

To keep your body fit you must stretch and exercise, but to keep your life fit, you also need to stretch.  Just as you can not force your body to be flexible overnight, neither can you rush flexibility in your life. … Continue reading

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Water and Fidgeting

What do water and fidgeting have in common?  They both help to keep a person thin.  A German study showed that after 2 glasses of water, metabolism rose by 30% for over an hour.   Water also boosts energy and reduces your appetite.  … Continue reading

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Helium or Air?

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A balloon is lifeless until we fill it with air from our lungs.  Then it changes and comes to life.  God did the same to man when He created us.  Adam was lifeless clay until God breathed in him the breath of life.  Genesis … Continue reading

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Stretching has many benefits.  It improves circulation, posture, flexibility and range of motion. It’s great for stress relief and promotes better balance and co-ordination.  Stretching even helps with weight loss, and makes aerobic exercise more beneficial.  When I have a … Continue reading

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Are you satisfied?  Fame, fortune, nor power satisfies.  You can not work for it.  It is free and it is forever. Isaiah chapter 55 gives us the key to this satisfaction.  God invites us to come to Him.  Isaiah 55:6 says, … Continue reading

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