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Weight Loss and Maple Syrup

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Recently I went from 185 lbs. to 145 lbs.  More importantly I am healthier.  I have more energy, and haven’t had  monthly headaches since.  It took 6 months to lose this weight, and since then never gone above 150 lbs. Here is … Continue reading

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Smile.  Do you feel any better? A smile releases serotonin, a natural “feel good” drug.  Now try smiling at everyone you meet today.  How many smile back?  You may have made someone’s day.  When someone smiles at me, it always … Continue reading

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Great video

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I loved the advice on the video I just saw.  Three things I am going to do:  Make at least 3 people smile today. Smile and laugh more often: it keeps the energy vampires away.   At the end of each day … Continue reading

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